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W8R3 - third time lucky?

1. Ran w8r2 three weeks before Christmas, pulled a calf muscle and was out for 5 weeks

2. Started back at w6r1 but skipped a lot of w7 and completed w8r2 quickly, then I got snowed off and then my mother died so another 3 weeks off.

3. Started back at w6r1 again last week but skipped from w6r2 to w8r1 in one "puffing" go and completed w8r2 this morning, much more easily

Now the question is, will I finally get to do w8r3 on Thursday and move on to week 9?

I have decided not to worry about time any more as pushing is what caused the injury so my plan is to be able to do the 30 mins first, then to run the 5k (which at my current average pace will take about 34mins) and from that point try to lower the time down to 30mins for the 5k.

What do you reckon?

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It's up to you what you set your target as, but the '30 minutes for 5k' doesn't have any particular rhyme or reason to it, I've decided - it's just a nice tidy number. And depending on your fitness, age and gender, it might be fairly easy, reasonable, or seriously tough (it will be a good long time before I get there, if ever).

Staying injury free, and enjoying at least some runs is a far higher priority for me. I do understand the attraction of numerical targets (and can't resist working out my pace for every run), but I think it's important to not let it become too important.

Here endeth the sermon! ;)


goodness me you have had a rough and tough time, but it sounds as though you approaching the runs sensibly so fingers crossed for Thursday.

maybe you should bypass w8r3 althogether and jog on to week 9...... :-)


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