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Scared to run again

My last blog was in reporting that I had torn ligaments in my left foot, I also found out 2.5 weeks later that I also fractured a bone. Long story short it took until December to have my foot feeling normal again.

Mid Dec I attempted my first run/walk since July, it went well at the time but the next day or two I started getting a terrible pain on the outside of my other foot, especially when I put weight on it. It was tendinitis! How frustrating, more rest required to get over that.

I have now spent the past 4/5 weeks doing various exercise dvds at home in the hope to build more strength in my left foot to stop me over-compensating on the other and bringing on tendinitis again.

If it happens again I will be seeing the GP this time to get a referral for physio, but let's hope not! I did A LOT of walking while I was injured to prevent the muscles degrading too much.

Plan now....lunch then week 1 run 1! Back to basics for me :)

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I am prone to injuries without even running so know how you feel! It is frustrating to spend so much time building your strength back up and to still be fragile. I also co-ordinate a Musculoskeletal clinic that deals with physio/orthopaedic problems...not sure what services there are in your health board but physio has been a massive help to me in the past and also exercise/ joint care referrals can be helpful too. It's bad that you weren't referred onto physio after a tear and a fracture!

Good luck with W1 R1 :)


Very best wishes - that sounds so frustrating. Hope it goes really well for you. :)


It went very well! Considering my apprehension it was great getting out doing week 1 run 1 without that terrible self conscious feeling I had nearly 2 years ago when I did it for the first time.

I did have a bit of doubt thinking I wouldn't get very far round my loop, but I finished a very good distance on from my first attempt. I can feel it in my muscles a little bit today and also in my lungs slightly afterwards yesterday.


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