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C25K - W1R1....alive and well!

Well, I never thought I would do anything like this but in a mad moment I signed up for raceforlife in May 13. I've been so unfit for so long and really needed the incentive. Started looking into how to train for my first 5k and was so pleased to have found C25K and healthunlocked. I did my first run yesterday and it was great, Laura on the podcast was just what I needed and I found that I was getting a little quicker and more confident with each run. Really looking forward to getting out tomorrow for W1R2. Dont have any major aches or pains today which is a huge relief!

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Well done for taking the plunge! I'm only a week ahead of you (about to get out for W2R2) but have no specific end goal other than getting fitter. I've also started walking with a pal who is doing the 26ml Moonwalk in May ... So she is going to start C25K too! Great to think that we're all getting bums off couches and that some deserving charities will benefit too. Good luck and blog as you go - the support network on here is amazing. Off into the damp day - will check out some charity events to aim for when I get back. Cheers :) Linda


Thanks Linda! Its great to have found a lovely supportive network! Are you finding it easier as you do more?


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