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sorry about this but does anyone else suffer with sticky saliva when running??

Hi all

sorry iff you think this question is a little gross, but does anyone else have sticky saliva when running. this sticks at the back of my throat and on my tonsils, Not really a problem when running outside as i can spit it out, (sorry) but when indoors on the treadmill is really distracting me and my breathing when running, the longer i run the worse it gets. I am back up at Wk 8 and running 27 mins but find it hard enough on th treadmill as it is mind nummingly boring, now have a telly in the garage :-)

I have done some reading on the net and lots of the forums say its hyydration issues.i drink lots of water and have been drinking more.

Anyone have any ideas how i can reduce this or even stop it



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I don't have this problem but a similar post some months ago had suggestions of sucking a boiled sweet or wine gum.


Try chewing gum whilst you run and/or sipping (rather than drinking) water to thin your saliva.


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