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Tentative steps back onto the C25K journey.

So, today after about 2 weeks on restricted duties due to my calf strain and encouraged by my success of testing out my leg on the treadmill on Thursday I decided to kick back off again today. I re-visited one of the W1 runs, can't decide if I should repeat the run twice more or go back to W2 which is where it all went a bit wrong two Fridays ago...

I upped the pace of my brisk walk to try and make sure that my legs were properly warmed up and have been following the advice of the PT I grilled last Tuesday and have been trying to put away 3-3.5 litres of water on the day before my run to make sure I'm properly hydrated. So far it seems to have worked. I'm back at my pre-strain pace for running. Tomorrow is my rest day but will go swimming as really want to build on my cardio-vascular fitness which will hopefully get me through the C25K journey injury free.

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Hi Beth, good advice on the water, and don't forget the magical banana, the yellow fruit of runners lore!

Hope your calf strain stays away and all goes well.

All the best



Thanks Dale, the magical banana is always part of the routine usually have one just as I get up in the morning and then one as part of my breakfast after my run.

I'm hoping that the calf strain stays away, as I really want to get through this program!


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