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25 down, 2 to go!

I've got to be honest, despite starting C25K with the best of intentions, I never thought I'd make it to the end, yet here I am, having just completed W9R1 and I can almost see the finish line.

It's amazing how quickly you can get semi-fit, with just a small bit of dedication - it's only 30 minutes, 3 times a week! I did start the course last year, but, after doing well, I gave up at about week 5 and did my own thing, which seemed like a good idea, but took away all the structure. It's so easy to stop running when you get tired, whereas the lovely Laura helps push you on to the end.

I actually felt pretty sad when I listened to week 9 for the first time and heard Laura say goodbye at the end, goodness knows what I'll be like (hopefully) come Friday!

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ahhh, maybe just keep listening to week 9 for ever... !


I'd not considered just how few runs it takes, it's even more impressive than I'd thought.


Well done you, I was just thinking about you last night when I dropped in here for a quick look at the posts, so glad you have got to week 9, as you say finish line is just around the corner now. Good luck and again well done.


Thanks all, I'm hoping to have a nice green badge by Friday and then going straight into Bridge to 10k. I'm going to try and get to 5k on Friday morning, so it may turn into a 35 minute run (easy to say when I'm crashed on the sofa!)


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