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Funny ole week

Well goodbye W2, they do seem to be flying by.

I really messed up this week, I can only run tues, thurs morn, and weekends as having 3 children I have to work around youngest being at nursary, and my 10 yr old daughters massive social calander!!!

Tuesday done - couldn't download W2 so redid W1 with 30 second counting on end of each run/walk, as greenlegs pointed out I did an extra 2 runs I didn't need to ( no wonder I struggled so) Thursday - I couldn't do so I was left with doing a double at the weekend.

I know your meant to leave a day in between each run but has anyone else been stuck with 2 left to do at the end of the week? Or should I have gone over into my W3?

Today being my 3rd and last run I looked out at the rain, putting it off thinking its going to get better all day, eventually I was going to run out of daylight (I've decided I work better in daylight) so out I went driving out to hide in the countryside again, get to my little spot and the snow starts god the SNOW STARTS, I'm soaked, my dogs soaked, can hardly see, and look blooming silly, I'm one of those loonies I laugh at (you know you did it, those people running in the rain you think, what the hell are they thinking) but I didn't care I was loving it, just thinking I hadn't let myself down by putting it off.

You know I quite like this running lark ........ I think.......... I'm only running 90sec at mo

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Aww keep it up, you should be proud of yourself that you're still out there in spite of all your obstacles x


Tuesday, Thursday, weekend is perfect! When you get more into it, it seems to work well to do the 3rd long runs of the week on weekends with either an extra day before or after. Resting he body helps!


Well done! Keep it up :))))))


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