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B210k W4R1 and a bit of catch-up

Time, as ever has been precious this week and work just gets in the way of running, doesn't it? Settled on another Laura-led C25k+ Stamina run on Tuesday. The pace is working better but I want to see the B210k sorted, then something like this might fit better into the new scheme (post-B210k). I still find that it is pretty hard by the time I get to Laura's 5 minute 'invigorating' run at 165 bpm. Still, I am getting better at that and the rest of the run is pretty good, so with completion of the 10k programme I should have built up the mileage to make this even more manageable. Let's see if I can put off this sort of run for a bit and focus on my main plan for now!

This morning I did a bit of a cheat and skipped the W3R3 of B210k and went straight into W4R1. A few things contrived to make it complicated, not least of which was the driving rain, but got there in the end and a successful 10.39k in about 54 minutes 50 seconds (inclusive of a nominal 60 sec and around that extra 0.09k. (Perhaps we can call it 54 minutes!)That will make sense in a bit. Problem no.1 was the dog showing too much interest just as I was about to set off, so the signal came and I just kept walking so as to get past the dog and then go. So, delayed start by about 30-seconds. First stretch was great. The sub-5 minute per k to start is becoming a more regular feature I'm pleased to say but the new/ old phone lost it's signal just short of 2k and I only discovered when Sam told me to 'take it down for one minute' after the first 18. Quick calculations suggested a faster time than seemed right but the 'missing stretch' seemed slightly slower so it probably balanced out. I managed to get it all going back on track after that just in time for the second 18 minute part/

Just to be sure with the gps and the timing I didn't pause on the one minute walking interval so I know that slowed my average down and that it may be a bit inaccurate even then. All in all I got there and know that I'm on course for 10k within the 60 minutes. That will satisfy me for now: hope to be done with the B210k by the end of the half term break. Then I need to look to doing something about that other resolution: to get a few parkruns under my belt.

Hope you are all enjoying the running even with the winter weather.

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Looks like you have well and truly achieved 10k in less than 60 min by a long way, excellent pace, enjoy.


Cheers Phil.


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