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Running when hungover hurts a bit more - W6R2

After three nights out in a row (first time in years) I was getting anxious to get out running again as I didn't want to undo the benefit of the 30 min of running for W6R1.

I wasn't feeling that great this morning - I even had a MacDonalds for lunch - but thought "why not?" at about 4 and I was down at the gym by 5.

Glad I did it but, wow, it hurt! I felt all the badness sweating away but for the first time in a while, when the programme said to finish, I practically jumped off the treadmill!

Guess that's the bad one out of the way, albeit after my fault.

Now thinking of just going to do the 25 min run tomorrow to get back on schedule.

I WILL graduate by end of the month!!

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Wow. Really well done! Currently sat in a darkened room flinching whenever a door slams and with my computer screen dimmed. I can relate. Also went for the stodgy food - Whetherspoons burger, I regret it already. Unlike you, I'm not going to make it out on the road tonight. If you've got the commitment to run on a hangover you're definitely going to reach your goal.

Good luck with your remaining runs :D


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