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One fed up grad :(

Oh I'm pd off haven't run for two weeks now I have a torn quad muscle nothing makes it feel better and I'm so missing running I now limp around with a compression dressing on looking very sorry for myself any one got any idea how long this pesky injury will last ? Is there anything I can do to make it mend quicker? Our dear son is getting married in four weeks and at the moment I'm sure ill be hobbling in the church all I want to do is RUN has anyone any advise ?

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No advice, but oodles of sympathy. Hope you're ok for the big day and you all have a ball!


Ah same here, have a wonderful time and take it easy!


Poor old you how long have you been suffering ? I do find it better if I put on a compression bandage before I get up but leave it off and it really hurts I just want to run ! Good luck to you too


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