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I never listen to the podcasts before the week arrives, so when Laura announced to me last Saturday that I would be running for 3 & 5 minute stretches in W4 I thought she was having a laugh and I would never manage it. Here I am today though, having completed W4R3 (with a slight incline at the first 5 minute run!!!) and i can't believe I actually managed it. i am so proud of myself for getting this far and slightly nervous about what Laura has in store for me on Sunday (W5R1) ;)

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Laura does like to give us a bit of a shock now and then! :) Well done for managing it, and up a hill too (anything not totally flat is a hill to me - even a bridge!)

Have fun on Sunday, you'll be fine! :)


LOL Greenlegs - Unfortunately I live in Aylesbury Vale, so anywhere going away from the house is a hill. I found the slightest one I could for my run as the canal path is too muddy and slippy for me at the moment.

Thank you for your encouraging words :)


Yes, I tried the canal path the other day and turned round when it got really muddy and slippery - didn't fancy falling in! :)


Yes, it's hard enough trying to keep a decent staggering rhythm and listen to Laura without having to deal with pond weed round your ankles and ducks chasing you ;)


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