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w6r3 completed, Setting the pace?

Hi, i've been lurking for a week or two, but i would like to see if there is any advice out there for me.

I've been following c25k since january as part of a weight loss/fitness thing. Usually the runs are around a local lake which is sign posted as 1.5miles long, although a treadmill is a lovely thing on a bad day.

After the 20 minute run to complete week 5 i was on top of the world and set off at a good pace for w6r1. Including the warm up and cool down it was the first time i completed 2 laps. w6r2 went indoors and then w6r3 arrived today.

Overall the run went fairly well. Got a steady rythm going, had a bit of difficulty around 17/18 minute mark and dropped the pace for a minute or two. The five minute to go call picked me up and I upped the pace for the last minute. Yet somehow despite 7 minutes more running i ended up perhaps only a hundred yards futher on compared to w6r1.

Does anyone have any tips on selecting and keeping a pace while running? I would really like to be gaining ground over time, but seem to be a little cautious for the bigger runs.

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Aim to run a km in 6 mins. This will give you a 5k time of 30mins which the programme is set out to do.


Thanks, such a simple idea, why did I not think of it? D'oh...


Don't worry about it too much though - I've found my pace has actually stayed pretty much static (as in not changing much - though not that far off physically standing still either, I suppose!) through the programme. I thought I'd be going a bit faster as I got up to week 9, but the increased distances have meant I've stayed much the same really. After graduation (ooo!) I'll see if I can get a bit faster, but for now I just want to keep going!


I'm the same as Greeners, I've increased my speed a small amount but I will concentrate on just running at the moment, speed for later methinks!

All the best



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