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Well I debated blogging this or not! I've been naughty, there I said it.

My regime is this, play the podcast do the 5 min warmup, stop.

Stretch for 10 mins, roll the calves, and then start the podcast at the beginning, do the 5 min warmup again! I know, I know, but I've done this from the beginning and well it would be wrong not to do it wouldn't it?? So warmup okay and into the run all 4 min 30 secs of it and bluurrrgh! No not that! But no music just Laura's voice welcoming me to week 6 run 3.

Noooooooo I shouted, yes I really did I tell ya!

iPod out of back pocket, fast forward to roughly the same point and 30 sec's or so of music and yes you are correct, Laura welcoming me to week 6 run 3, well poo! I said, scroll down to my compilations fast as a teenager and hey presto! Running Trax Gold disc 3, I ran for 38 mins, yes thirty eight mini eights, eat your heart out Brendan Foster!

I managed to stop when I looked down at the timing display, time remaining and saw 3 mins, that my friend was a wake up call as my treadmill stops faster than a eldest child when there is a bed free! Down to a brisk walk then a stroll then stop!

And now I have stretched, had a drink, eaten and I'm feeling calm, strange but calm.

I think because I just went for it, no thought or very little involved it went okay. I concentrated a lot on my running technique, thank you vivobarefoot clinic, and it helped. God knows what I may feel like in the morning but the mental mini block I had that was stopping me really "run" is now gone, well for now at least!!!

Quick edit forgot to say, music, music, music, that made a BIG difference!

Sorry for the gibberish, hope you get the gist.

All the best


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FFS Dale, you might have blogged before hitting the celebration whiskey!

I have the impression from that that you did really well, so well feckin' done!

I think....


Ah. Now I understand, thanks Fingalo! It didn't actually quite make sense! Ha ha! (I thought it was me and my wine not making sense.)

Well done anyway - I think you did a really long run Dale???? The warmup routine sounds very sensible anyway - I'm always very tempted to just start running, especially like today when it's cold, though I did make myself walk for 5 minutes. But doing ten minutes warm up I'd find really hard. I just want to get going! :)


Ha ha!

I think he did a really long run too.

As for the warm up, I've stuck with what the programme suggested from the start, I do the five minute warm up and warm down. I've read more and more about running and from that I've decided I'll only introduce stretches when I'm feeling my legs are stiff after a run.

So far I'm finding the walks sufficient.


It is so smart to roll during warm up! I'll bet you save yourself an injury. Well done to walk 10 if you need to- everyone is different. I often did that during C25K. I made up that burning more calories couldn't be all bad :)


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