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W8R2 - Killer!

Well, after W8R1, I was considering skipping the next two and going straight onto W9 - how wrong would that have been!?!

Ran W8R2 this morning and it was a real toughie. Whether it was the fact I was feeling under the weather (lurgy from the daughter), the fact is was lashing down with rain, or simply an off day, I struggled to make the 28 minutes.

Still, another run down (4 to go) and up to 4.05km in 28 minutes - I'm hoping to be up to 5k pretty soon.

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some days are like that! next run will be better i'm sure. :-)


Remember you're still building stamina well beyond graduation. Some runs will be great and some stink. ;-) On a good note, the bad ones will start decreasing as you continue on the journey. You are ever so close to that badge! Celebrate all you have achieved and enjoy your grad week! Gayle


Thanks for the support. I can't believe there are only 4 runs left until graduation!


Hope your next run is a much more enjoyable one - my last few haven't been brilliant, but today's was good, even though it was cold and grey. :)


considering all the elements and bugs working against you, you did well to run at all! keep going :-)


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