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Back from Hong Kong with 5 treadmill runs under my belt

Back from Hong Kong and managed to get 5 treadmill runs during my stay, but returned to running outdoors on Monday. I think you use different muscles when running on treadmills compared to running outdoors, my calves ached after running on the treadmill and after Mondays run outdoors my thighs ached more. Maybe it’s just me. However I was glad that I overcame the fear of the treadmill so I could keep running whilst away but so much better to be running outdoors again and can't wait for the weather to improve and the lighter mornings/evenings to start coming around. I will be back on the treadmill in March when I have to return to Hong Kong.

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I know what you mean about the treadmill feeling completely different - I find it so much more tiring to run outdoors, even though that's what I prefer. At least the treadmill makes it possible to run safely at times/places that outside just isn't an option. But yay for conquering the fear, and for keeping going while you were away! :)


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