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Aiyah aiyah, it's a sare ane*

Week 2, run 1. Captain's log. Or something like that. Got home, had my usual pre-run coffee & banana and then proceeded to play New Star Soccer. By the time I'd won the Champions League, the wind had picked up & I was cursing myself for not going out earlier.

So began Week 2. Headed out into the wind, pleasantly surprised to find that it would be at my back for the last runs. At the start of the first run, my throat had that usual 'just drank paint stripper' feeling & I wasn't looking forward to it at all. Then that feeling went away and the runs were surprisingly OK. Not the fastest, but I was managing fine.

Then right at the end of the third run, pain in my right calf and I had to pull up. I seemed to walk it off and managed the next run OK till about 15 seconds from the end and the pain came back worse. Limped along for the next 2 minutes knowing I was going to have to walk home anyway. Gave the 5th run a go and it actually seemed better when I was running, although I was slow as a week in the jail.

By now though, I had a definite limp during the walk & decided not to do any more running. Till Laura said it was the last one. Again, it eased off during the run, but came back & I managed about 30 seconds of that final run before limping home.

Had an ice pack on it for a while but still feeling the strain every time I put weight on it. I'm pretty disappointed that this might postpone my week 2 runs. Hopefully its settled down by Thursday.

*Blog title is a Scottish expression - ouch, it's a sore one. Before anyone asks!

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You learn so much from these blogs. Didn't realise I would be learning foreign languages too.

Hope the ice does the trick. I find that if its no good on the body, popping some in a glass with gin works quite well.

Good luck, loved the blog.


" I find that if its no good on the body, popping some in a glass with gin works quite well."

Nice one.


Hope you recover quickly and the ice works. Don't come back to soon, make sure you have recovered, you don't want to make it worse. Still more time for New Star Soccer while you recover :-)


Only had to see the title to know it was you Buffster!

That's really annoying to get an injury already, hopefully it's just your body protesting at the new exercise and the ice will sort it in time for your next run.


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