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28 Minutes Straight - Another Tick in the Box

Did my first week 8 run tonight, so pleased as I was not really in the mood - hubby has hurt his calf again so I would be running on me tod, long day at work, plus it was just starting to rain.

Went out anyway and very glad I did, mindful of my mood I kept it very steady and 28 minutes was just fine :-) though I swear that last minute was longer than a minute, would Laura lie to me? I may just have to measure it next time ;-)

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Oh very well done :-)


Glad you're doing well too in week 8. :)


Hey very we'll done! 28 mins and outside and raining and long day at work! You my friend are a runner.

All the best



Thanks everyone :-)

Laura told me I was a runner, but I think she says that to everyone, means much more coming from you Dale ;-)


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