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Week 5 worries

I say worries but actually I'm not worried as such. I have completed week 5 run one and it was tough but doable. I think my concerns are more in my head than physical now. I have spent years, no decades, telling myself I'm no good at sports that are aerobic in any nature and those doubts I am finding are creeping in when the runs are tough. I know I have a 20 minute run at the end of this week and I'm not panicking at all I just want to do it. How do you clear your mind and just run? It's when I have been running for a couple of minutes that it becomes negative. I want so badly to continue enjoying running, the weather is not helping either :-/ never the less I will be out at silly o'clock tomorrow morning with my high vis on!

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Hi Madmummy! I have horrible negative thoughts all through the run then the sense of acheivement on completing keeps me on track for the next run. I was chatting to my hairdresser this morning and she reckons the negativity eases as you get fitter. So as well as running I think I'll have to up my visits to Curves and generally being more active on a daily basis in the hope that this will help my running. Once the lighter and warmer weather comes in it'll be easier to get out there. Best wishes. :)


I've found the first half (or the first ten minutes of longer runs) is always the worst. Knowing that, has made it easier to get through them - today I looked at my watch and saw '7' - and immediately thought, 'oh, that's why it feels so tough - I haven't got to ten yet!' Past halfway and it begins to feel doable, or even sometimes, enjoyable!


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