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Should I leave more than two days' break between weeks?

I'm running every two days now and feel comfortable with that.

This means of course that the weeks aren't really weeks. Effectively I'm doing three weeks of the program (nine runs) in 18 days rather than 21 ... is this OK??

Just finished week 5 run three and going straight to week 6 run 1 in two days time.

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As long as you leave the one rest day, I think you should go with how you feel. It might be that now you're almost into the long runs that you might decide to take an extra rest day, many do. If you don't need it, carry on with only one.


Hi StromCom. If I understand you correctly, you're running every other (alternate) days. That's what I did during c25k. The only exception was when I felt I needed a bit longer to recover, which for me was actually at the point where you are now. I took two days rest between runs for the next 3-4 runs before going back to alternate days when I felt up to it again.

Basically, whatever feels right to you and your body is right. So if your're happy with what you're doing then keep doing it, but give your body an extra day or two off any time you feel the need. :)


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