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Week 4 done - dreading week 5

Wow - week 4 was hard. Just finished and very nervous about starting week 5. But Laura seems to think I can do it and she's been right so far! My right knee is starting to hurt but not major pains - not sure if I should see the doctor - I know it's important for us runners to take care of our knees (cant believe I'm calling myself a runner!) any thoughts?

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My knees were feeling a bit creaky in week 4 too, but I had a look on youtube and found these two videos by the same guy, and they've really helped. The first is a set of knee strengthening exercises, and the second is a way of warming up your muscles using a rolling pin. Sounds mad, but works!

I've also been concentrating on my posture (where I'm landing on my feet while I run and my centre of gravity) which seems to be easing the pressure on my knees.

The first two runs of week 5 have been much easier than I expected them to be. Go for it!


Thanks nannon - will give it a try!


Great going!!!! I suffer from the knee niggles as well and find a light support helps to wear during a run. It could just be the aches and pains of building your strength up. Try to remember, if you have any type of sharp pain, stop running. Better to have more rest days then to over do and suffer injury. As far as this next week, I agree with Laura, you can do it! Gayle


Ive got my 3rd session of week 4 coming up 2moro it makes me chuckle. This is all tried and tested stuff by thousands of folks and this formula does work. Remember the first ever session for me I thought no way I cant do this. No pain no gain its almost like the feeling in week one on the first session eachtime we do our new week if you know what I can do it


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