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Final run done this morning. Never run in my life before and when I started this expected I'd give up quite early on - but surprisingly have loved it. Found this forum at around week 6 - the same time I realised I had no hope of getting anywhere near 5K. Finding that I wasn't alone is what kept me going - so thank you to everyone.

I may not be the age group locog were aiming for but I consider this achievement my own olympic legacy.

Now I can tel my mates - hadn't done before thinking they'd just laugh at unathletic me. Still have a goal of getting to 5k - in about a year probably.

Thanks again

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Congratulation on graduating, what next?


Just have to keep on plodding and hopefully get to 5K one day. Must now buy a better pair of shoes as I promised myself I must should I ever finish.


Well done, and big congratulations. Rather a nice thought that we're all part of the olympic legacy, in our own way - not that it was specifically that which got me going, but it probably did wriggle in under my skin somehow.

It's good to know there are many others out there, as well as all those who blog regularly. I'm in week 8 and struggling somewhat - you've given me a bit more of push to keep going, so thank you too!


Well you are nearly there and will soon be abe to fling your arms up in victory at the end. I say it's an olympic legacy in the full knowledge that Mo Farah runs 5K in about a quarter the time it takes me to run 3 - but then he is a lot younger than me!!!


Well Done and congratulations : )

I'm a very new starter, reading this gives me hope that I can continue and progress even if I don't quite make the 5k when (not if) I get to where you are now! Keep us updated on the progress of getting to the fantastic 5k


fantastic - well done!


Congratulations! Make sure and request your grad badge, you deserve it! Gayle


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