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My first treadmill run and had to come to Hong Kong to do it!!

Because of the snow in the UK last week I missed my usual three runs. I am now in Hong Kong for two weeks on business so packed my running gear and yesterday used the Hotel gym to run on a treadmill for the first time, never used one of these contraptions ever before so was a virgin treadmill user. Anyway I didn’t fall off or embarrass myself in front of the other harden gym users although even simple things like pushing your earpiece from your iPod back into your ear seems to put you off balance which never happens when running outside. I didn’t run as fast as I do outside for my first attempt and due to having to go out in the evening with my business colleagues I restricted the run to 20 minutes. But I feel confident enough to keep using the gym whilst I am here, it will keep me in the pattern of running regularly even if it is really boring compared to running outside in the open. I have to come back to Hong Kong in March so I might as well get used to this form of running.

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Well done for taking on the"dreadmill" and winning!! :D

You in Hong Kong and Ironmatt in Japan......I know the weather's bad here but that is a bit extreme just to escape it........ ;) I know it's business but have fun in the gym!



I like the term "dreadmill" my calf muscles are aching I am not sure if it’s because I haven’t run for a week or because I am running on the “dreadmill” which is a different surface to the road.


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