Jogger blogger returns

Just when I was beginning to think my running career had stalled due to poor weather I read a few posts and felt inspired. Did week 4 run 1 out in the real world rather than the gym. Very very good. Running on new snow is fine I found,well,when I say running...

I know what everyone means now though, about the muzak, what was she thinking?Ridiculously reassuring to haveherspeaking as I run though, who would have thought?

Looking forward to next run... Good luck to you all.

4 Replies

  • It is so rare for the weather to be too bad for a run :-) you can generally adjust the route or outfit. Enjoy the rest of your runs this week.

  • Hey nice one, hope all goes well with the next!


  • Thanks both,

    Wish I hadn't waited so long now.

  • well done! :-D

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