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7 Days off, and back on track

Well I had to take 7 days off and a course of steroids and antibiotics to clear the chest infection but yesterday went back to the gym.

Decided to re-do week four rather than pushing onto week five following a week off and it went OK, better than I thought it would, ran well felt fairly strong and breathing wasn't too laboured, in fact I enjoyed it so much that i returned to the gym today and ran again, not to any program but just for fun!! Alternating between running at a fast rate (for me!) and walking for almost 30 mins..........What is happening ? I even did some weights and went for a swim!!

Anyways back to the program tomorrow, unsure whether to complete week four again or push onto week five, I`m thinking the latter but I`ll wait until the morning to see how I feel.

Just enjoying feeling better at the moment, keep it up all :)

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It sounds as though you are well and truly back on track - well done! Mind you don't overdo it and overtrain though - you don't want to go and get injured and have to have another break from running. It is very tempting to go crazy when things go well - that's what I've found anyway. Slow and steady...


Well done!

I am so cheesed off as I have been unable to run for over a month now, due to a chest infection/post viral fatigue and rib pain (from coughing apparently for heaven's sake!) :-(

Keep up the good work.


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