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10k Training - Update

Since my last post which was Week 1 Run 2 of my training schedule, this morning I completed Week 2 Run 3. Since my last post I have run 3 x 4 mile runs and a 3.5 mile run and have a 2 mile to do tomorrow or Monday. This morning I should have done a 4.5 mile run but as I hit the 4 mile mark all hell broke out in our house. Hubbie was taking kids (14 & 12) off tobogganing on the local golf course, everyone has grown since last years snow so finding boots, clothes that are warm and fit was proving difficult without mum to sort the whole thing out. Ski wear rescued from loft, son in my salapettes and his dads walking boots & daughter (12) refusing to wear anything warm or without designer branding but sneaking out wearing my expensive Next snow boots (ahhhh!!!!!). So have decided to add that 0.5 of a mile to my 2 mile run tomorrow so I don't feel that I have let my training slip.

When I graduated I think I got a bit stuck in a rut of just doing 5k/3 mile runs because I knew I could do them and they took a nice approx. 30 mins. I'm really pleased I have started this schedule as it is now pushing me to do more and yes I can do it. As the weeks go on the mileage increases so I am hoping that by the end of it I will think nothing of going out and doing a 4, 5 or 6 mile run.

Keep going all those training for 10k's - we can do it !!!

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