W6R3 Snow stops play :0(

Well, I went out with the best of intentions and, after skidding halfway up the road, I decided to move today's run to the fields. Two minutes in and snow halfway up my shins, I decided to call it a day. One missed run has to be better than the risk of a twisted ankle or knee.

Who'd have thought 6 weeks ago that I'd be gutted to be spending the day on the couch, rather than out there exercising?

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  • Defiantly a wise decision. Better a day of due to adverse weather conditions than weeks off due to injury. Hope conditions improve soon.

  • I'm the same, last time I ran was Wednesday, the snow is awful here and I can't get out, debating whether to battle my way to the leisure centre and pay to use the gym, but don't want to get stuck..I'm struggling just to sit and chill! I want to run!

  • I thought of driving to the gym (a good 5 miles away) but doubt I'd get the car back up the hill and a bit skippy to walk back up it

  • Glad I'm not the only one to have decided to adjust to conditions today. i did 8 minutes (wk6run2) but then didn't fancy running on steeply cambered polished snow or the alternative of tussocky grass with deep snow.

    I might go out tomorrow and try using the road instead (with maybe occasional breaks to hop onto the verge if cars come!) But safety comes first!

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