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Oops, accidentally skipped to Week 3

Anyone else accidentally (or intentionally) skipped ahead?

I got to the recreation grounds today to do my last run of week 2 when I found out that syncing my iPod to a different computer yesterday had resulted in only unplayed episodes on my iPod. So no week 2.

But as I'd managed run 2 of week 2 without significant problems I figured I'd just try Week 3.

And I did it!

It was a lot harder (and not just because it was lightly snowing and there was 5" of snow on the ground!) Definitely won't be skipping any of week 3, might even do 1 or 2 extra, but I still did it! :)

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Fair play. I've skipped or modified runs later on but couldn't have done it in the early weeks.


Well done for not deciding to skip running instead! I did one run where I didn't have the right podcast, and did what I thought it was supposed to be, to find out afterwards I'd done quite a bit extra. It is quite a good feeling, especially as most of the time we're living in fear of the next one!

Probably worth making sure week 3 is secure though, before moving on - the jumps do start ramping up a bit! But do-able.



I have to admit, I wasn't too worried about going from week 2 to 3 as I was fairly comfortable in the first two runs but week 4 seems like quite a jump compared to week 3 so I'll definitely make sure I'm happy before moving on.


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