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gait analysis

hi I have decided it's time to have my gait analysed and get some proper running shoes. At the moment I have some off the peg runners. Have just injured my knee and think proper shoes would help. So I have two questions.

1) Where in the West Midlands can I have this done?

2) When I get it done do I have to buy what they recommend or will they give me some kind of written prescription type thing that I can take else where? I always find this tricky as I think after they've spent all that time on me I should spend my money there!

Thanks in advance


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Hi Viki.

Use the store locator for this shop, it seems to be the one most recommend on here. Also when I had mine done, they couldn't have been nicer and there was no pressure, not even subtle pressure, to buy there and then, or even from them at all.


Sweatshop all the way!! Great customer service, no pressure to buy, can take shoes back within 30 days even if used, if they are unsuitable/hurt/rub etc and they will give you another pair.

The correct shoes will definately help.

Sue :)


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