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W6R2 and feeling more positive!

After the disaster that was W6R1, I wasn't feeling too confident about today's run, yet it went much better than expected.

I actually felt I could have carried on going after the first 10 minute stretch and did consider running for the entire 23 minutes. The only reason I didn't was the worry of going too far, too soon, with one eye on Saturday's 25 minute run. I even managed to pick up the pace for the last 5 minutes or so and only felt tired when Laura told me there was only 60 seconds left and the mental block kicked in.

I'll be taking my Garmin watch on Saturday, to see how far I actually cover in the 25 minutes. To be on target for the 5k in 30 minutes, I need to be covering about 2.5 miles (in old money), though I have a feeling it will be closer to 1-1.5. Still, I have a few weeks to work on my pace yet.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement following my last run!!!

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well done - glad to hear today's one went better and you are feeling more positive. Will be interested to hear how you get on with the 25 mins and tracking it with your Garmin. Good luck, keep up the good work!


well done, it's a good feeling when you complete these runs. I've just finished Week 6 run 3, i feel done in, but it is worth it!!


Well done you did fantastically. Good luck with r3 you a will be fine and don't worry too much about distance run that will come as your stamina improves


I am reading your every word with great interest, as I'm one run behind you! Very glad today's run was better for you than the last one.


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