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Back to week 6 run 2 but at least I did it

After failing week 6 run 3 last time, this time I tried week 6 run 2. After lots of lovely advice from people on this site, I did a warm up walk of 10 minutes instead of 5 - just restarted the podcast as soon as Laura said it was time to run. (Certainly needed to warm up today, it's -1 here in Dorset.)

Anyway I made it! I think I will do it again at the weekend before moving on to week 6 run 3.

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Well done! That's my next run, I went out yesterday in minus 4 and didn't get warmed up enough properly before hand and my legs have suffered!


Well done Lucy. 25 minutes is a blooming long time, isn't it!

The warmup does seem to be even more important in this cold weather. Though I was wondering today whether I wouldn't warm up (my body, rather than my muscles) quicker if I just started running straight off! Walking is rather chilly!


I hit a similar barrier doing wk5r6 and had to take a step back for a few extra goes before attempting the 20min run again. It's all about giving yourself permission not to be perfect. It's not giving up and saying you CAN'T do it, just that you can't do it YET! took me 3goes to nail the 20min run and I'm sure that wk6r3 will be tough too. But we're all a hell of a lot better than we were 2 months ago :-)


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