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W9R1 done done done

A beautiful morning albeit a bit on the chilly side for the first 30 minute run that my body has ever undertaken. The Camel Trail had less puddles/mini rivers than earlier in the week so all the signs were good. I have run the Trail since the second week and run a linear route and turn back at the halfway point. Today, though I was puffing away it felt so good at the halfway mark to have reached my furthest point since starting C25K. I covered 3.5km during my run and even my thighs were aching towards the last five minutes. But I felt so chuffed. Now to repeat this another two times.

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Well done PeaBea, it's a great feeling! Hope the snow keeps off the trail. Tricia


30 minutes really is impressive. Having a regular route, to compare distances sounds a good way of charting your progress - very satisfying to see a little bit extra each time! Green badge is very very close.


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