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Still on a come back

Last night, it was wk5 run2, again inteh comfort of my home on the treadmill. I felt I could do more and in fact did do an extra 2 minutes on the first run. Knee is feeling OK today, so plan to rest for a couple of days before the 20 minute run on Saturday. If I still feel OK after the 20 mins, I may go on, as I know I can do more (well I could 3 months ago), but will be gauged by my knee.

Feels really good to be back doing this, can't believe how much I missed it! And I am again watcing my diet, and am already seeing some results there too! Fingers crossed that I don't pick up any more injuries and that I can this time round make it to graduation!

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well done - hope the injuries stay away for you :-)


Reading your blog, I'm reminded that I have been so fortunate with injuries.

Good luck with yours.


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