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Wk6,3 - Anyone getting shin pain mid way through run which later goes?

I'm on week 6 and had to do run 2 twice before I could move to my 3rd run tonight. So off I went and after about 10 mins into my run my shins started to ache. I had this before when I started the C25k and invested in new shoes which seemed to work. Laura was telling me to go at a steady pace (because of the longer run) but I ended up walking for a few minutes because of the pain even though I wasn't very out of breath. The funny thing is the pain went and as I was coming towards the last five minutes of the run. My legs felt fine and much looser and I could have run for longer. So is this part of the training it just taking me longer now to warm up? Is 5 minutes walk enough at the beginning? I find it hard to run slowly ...well I think I am running at a fast pace but that may not be the's all relative isn't it? Any advice/thoughts appeciated

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