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Let the Half Marathon training commence

Downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K podcasts last night and went for my inaugral interval run with them. Very bizarre feeling, because to keep to the beat I had to lengthen my strides, which made me feel that I doing that slow-motion run you do when you're on St Andrew's West Sands pretending that you're in Chariots of Fire. But I did notice that sped me up a bit and probably improved my form in using my legs more fully and getting away from 'shuffling'.

I plan to use the speed and stamina podcasts every week and a long run, adding 1k every week to my current distance.

This will mean that I should be running half-marathon distance in 10 weeks' time :)

And the actual half marathon I plan to do will be in June. So plenty of time if it goes wrong...

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Wow that's fab! Plenty of advice and info on here regarding speed and endurance too. I know this as I am currently journeying from couch to 10k (mid November to 3rd march). Following that I hope to do a half marathon in October. Best of luck achieving and enjoying your goal!


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