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Week 6 Run 1 - Real struggle :0(

After the highlight of running for twenty minutes on Sunday, I had hoped today's run would be little more than a celebration of my achievement. Only 18 minutes of running, with a few breaks in between, perfect weather (cool, but sunny).

How wrong I was! My legs and lungs decided they'd had enough after the first two minutes. By the time I got to the last run, with Laura's 'this should be simple' advice stinging my ears, I was ready to fall on the pavement and quiver until somebody rescued me. Definitely my toughest session so far and not looking forward to the rest of week 6, with a 25 minute run looming!

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Hey Wepre, you'd be surprised but I think probably 80% of people on this forum had trouble with week 6. Hitting the 20 minutes in the previous week lures you into a false sense of security but week 6 is still tough!

It gets easier though - well done for completing it :)


Thanks for that, it's good to hear :0)

I think you're right, I've said elsewhere, it is possibly a mental thing, after the high of the twenty minute stretch, I thought today would be little more than an afternoon stroll.

I certainly won't be making that mistake again!


You conquered it though! :-) Week 6 is a reality check and makes some of us runners come off of cloud 9 after a 20 minute run. Great run, you did it!!! Gayle


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