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I'm back (hopefully to stay)

No running for nearly 3 months, following a knee problem that hit after week 9 run 1, so have started off very carefully again. Last friday, it was a 30 minute brisk walk with just 2.5 minutes of running and then on Saturday, the same, but this time with 5 minutes of running. All felt good, so on Sunday, I went for the first run of week 5, (3 x 5 min runs) and I did it! and so far (touching wood) no problem! Rest day yesterday and planning to do the 2nd run of week 5 this evening. I am normally a morning runner, so will be interesting to see how I get on.

Felt really good to be back running again. Due to the knee, I have been doing these runs on the treadmill - in the comfort of my living room, just in case I do hit a problem. I have an appointment at the hospital next week about my knee, but am hopeful now that it is not so bad as I first thought, when I could hardly walk.

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Well done on getting back to it. Take it very easy though until you get the OK from the hospital, hope all goes well for you next week.


Glad you've made it back. Hope all goes well.


Welcome back - take it slowly until you get the all clear. :)


Thanks for the comments. I am taking it easy, taking the tortoise example - slow and steady. Certainly not going to win any medals for my speed. Just want to get back to it and stay back. Will continue on the treadmill until sure that I can manage outside again.


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