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Week 5, Run 3: I don't understand how it happens!

I was so enjoying week 5, I thought I remembered a big increase in running time but runs 1 & 2 were both fine so I thought maybe I was mistaken. Then run 3, It all came flooding back- 20 mins? Without a little walk to get my breath back? But the weird thing is it was also fine, hard work but achievable and I still enjoyed it (although I'm not sure sweating and being a bit cold at the same time makes sense!). I'm so glad I started this again, I'm a little worried about hurting my ankle again but so far I've been free of aches and pains. I'm really looking forward to starting W6 on weds. Also, 3 of the 8 Xmas lbs have come off so it's all good. If I re-graduate in Feb as planned I'm going to buy myself a new pair of jeans!

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Well done you, I'd start picking a style



Well done for getting going again. You've done we'll to lose three pounds already.


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