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And I was doing so well!

Well last week I was really proud of myself. On Monday I ran 5k and then I did the same on Thursday. Then on Saturday I shocked myself by running for 40 mins and covering 5.6k.

Tonight I got home from work, changed into my gear and off I went into the snowy night. At first I thought I'd just do 20 mins as the snow was coming down quite hard but as I got into it I thought I could definitely do 30 mins if not 5k.

Then after about 10 mins the inside of my left knee started to niggle, it felt stiff and not quite right. I carried on for a couple more mins but decided I should stop. I limped back in the freezing cold. I'd been toasty warm whilst running but that soon wore off as I walked back home.

I'm hoping that with a rest day my knee will be ok by Wednesday. I'm thinking that my normal 5 minute warm-up wasn't enough in the present weather conditions.

Here's hoping I'll be back up and running later this week.


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I think you we're wise to stop. Perhaps you have just overdone it a tad and a bit of rest will sort you out. Well done for being so keen and hope you are back on track soon.


I think you definitely did the right thing stopping when you did, you always get told to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. So a nice rest and you soon will be back out there.



It might be nothing more than the cold weather, coupled with pushing it a bit harder. The symptoms you describe (stiffness on the inside of the knee) happens to me occasionally but easing off for a day or two soon has it right again.


It certainly felt different to me out there today - not injury different but it was a different experience for my legs and feet.


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