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X trasiner wk3 r3

Whoop whoop all done. wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.I left 3 days between as a bloody box of shortbread in Tesco fell off the shelf and wacked me in the knee. Ive got a lovely bruise on my knee cap thank you that staff member who doesnt know how to stack a shelf. It fell off with 5 more of its friends. grrr. any way on to wk 4 . going to start on Thursday because ive got a yoga session in school after we finish on Wednesday. hope everyone is good.x

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Tried to reply to this earlier, but my comments kept getting lost.

I had a similar incident bumping my knee with a shopping trolley in Asda last week - though luckily it just hurt for a few minutes and then went away. My first thought was - what if it stops me running!

At least with the crosstrainer, the snow shouldn't mess you about!


Hi greenlegs

you must be calmer than me ,my first thought was to kill someone because it hurt..lots.

live it the North West so havnt had any snow. just a few whispy ones yesterday then sleet then rain.. hope your still able to get out if youve had snow. be careful though its suppose to freeze tonight so you might think your on safe ground but it will be icy.x


Thanks - my 20 minute wk5d3 is due tomorrow, so I hope it isn't icy, cos I really want to do it. We had snow this morning, but the roads were clear, and it's all gone now.


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