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Ah, that's why I do this!

Run 1, wk7 or 25 minutes done and nearly didn't bother. Cold, raining and a Monday. Blah, blah, excuses I can find them. So off I went with a baseball cap on to keep the rain out... and good grief I really enjoyed it. I'm not saying it was easy, still tough but so much easier. For the first time I didn't think, 'I can't do this', rather 'oh this is OK actually.' I really think the sports massage has helped as well, only a bit of a numb foot for a few minutes and my legs feel stretchy if that makes sense. Even sprinted for the last minute, well speeded up! I shoved the baseball cap down the back of my tights and my hair was falling out, bright red face I looked a sight, but didn't care, it added to it. I was still breathing quite heavily towards the end, but I did it and am actually looking forward to the next one, Yippee!!! When i got back there was a builder who is working on someone's flat and he said, 'Been for a jog?' I just said, 'Yeah.' thinking at the same time 'jog? pah! I've just 'run' round the park, nearly 5k!!!

:) No snow yet, sure I'll go out in it...

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It's such a great feeling isn't it? Well done for getting this far. I think it can be a revelation realising that you can run for a good while and then get the reward of a fantastic buzz after. Enjoy the running! Tricia x


Thanks Trish, yes I was bouncing around like Tigger for a few hours! I just read your graduation blog, congratulations and good luck with your next challenge/plan.

Susie :)


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