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Come on ligaments, hurry up and mend - let me run!

I want to run, I want to don those unflattering leggings that cost the earth, dig out those muddy trail shoes and pull my bobble hat down over my ears. I want stride out to the warm up tunes of audio fuel and hear Laura's soothing encouragement in my ears. I want to disappear back into a world only recently discovered, of me and the road, or the muddy track. I want to feel my blood rising, my shoulders releasing, I want to feel the damp seeping through the mesh of my shoes, and feel the spatter on my calves as I idly wonder if I will need to wash them before my next run. I want to fiddle in frustration with my ipod as I pull my ear plugs out of it as my running arms flail, I want to yell at my dog to keep up, I want to yell at cars to give us room, I want to dodge the puddles and puff up the hills. I want to check my distance and speed excitedly at the end on mapmyrun, I want to text my sister to say I've done it (forcing her to do it too), I want to see my bright eyed, bright red face staring back at me in the mirror as I hang my jacket up, I want that BANANA!

I want to run.

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Love it!

But feel your pain at not being able to get out there. Has the doc given you any indication of how long you'll have to wait?


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