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Starting again w2r1

Quickly after graduating couch to 5k in about April I just kind of stopped running, attempting to go back to it a few times but never really getting back into it.

I have just started again - w2r1 today! and I want to identify why I let it go so I can avoid it happening again.

Schedule - When I am not too busy it's easy to keep up the plan but when things go mental it's the first thing to go. I also go away quite a bit so having weeks where I am not running make it hard to get back on it. I can think of a few stratagies to deal with these problems. 1.Run earlier in the morning so running isn't interferring with my 'working' time. 2. Figure out a running plan at the beginning of every week and keep adjusting it when things chnage. 3. At the beginning of every month look back at the past month and figure out what worked and what didn't and use that to help in the goals for the next month.

It gets hard towards the end. I found the last few weeks, the long runs, really really hard, very acheivable, but not the sort of thing I want to jump out of bed for. I'm not quite sure how to get around this. I am starting right froim the beginning again to help build up my stamina and I might just try doing week 7, 8 and 9 for two weeks each rather than moving on straight away. Might help. I'll need to think of something to keep me motivated through the harder times, so laziness doesn't prevail - maybe some sort of laid back race to train for.

I get a bit self consious about running into people I know. It's okay at the beginning of the plan but towards the end of those long runs when I was struggling a bit I just found it generally a bit embarrassing. I am going to try running at different times and in different places to get over this. Today I went around the park and river at 8-8:30 and there were soooo many people around, which was fine today but I'd hate that later on in the plan. I'll go at 7:30 - 8am on Wednesday and see what that's like. I'll also try running in the evening one day. It's be great to run at 6am but that just won't fit into my schedule as I'm quite often working till 11pm.

If I can overcome these problems there is no reason why I shouldn't run forever!

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You certainly seem to be determined to overcome it this time, good luck.


Hi Beth I also stopped running a couple of years ago, after having completed C25k and taking part in a 5k fun run. I am also at w2 as I haven't run for over 18 months now. Really wish I had just stuck at it now.

I also am not good at going out in the mornings and work 15 hour shifts, although I do 30 hours a week, so only work 2 days. Still long days though.

I found I did enjoy the later, longer runs, and felt less self conscious as I gradually got fitter. Sadly am back at the puce, panting overweight & unfit stage now, . I am trying not to think too far ahead at the moment & just concentrating on getting each week done.

For me the benefits of feeling fitter, having more energy & the good feeling you get after completing each time are enough motivation for now, but I am thinking along the lines of joining a park run after graduation this time. Many people of all ages and ability levels join them. I will also probably sign up for a charity 5k run again.


Hi Katz,

I think joining a park run is a really good idea, it'd be good not to be running alone all of the time!

I know what you mean about feeling less self consious as you get fitter!



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