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B210k - Week 2 - my way!

I did 2 runs for week 1 of the B210k - using my own music and a stop watch, then did a 3 mile run and a 2 miler before deciding to move on to week 2 on Thursday.

I know I should really have done a third week 1 run but I felt ready to move on.

It was a tough run, the weather was drizzly and my glasses kept getting misted. By the fourth 15 minutes I found that I needed to stop a couple of times - just for a few seconds, to get my breath back and dry my glasses - but I felt I could still count it as a fairly successful run.

According to Endomondo I had done 4 miles in 46.24 but according to my stopwatch it was under 45 minutes. I think this can be explained by the amount of time it takes to wake my phone, unlock it and pause Endomondo every time I stop running.

The following evening I went for a shorter run with a friend and although we needed to stop and walk fairly regularly I actually ran my fastest 3 miles and 5k - 32.19 and 33.25 mins respectively - so I was really pleased.

This evening Mr Locket persuaded me to get my running stuff on again - although I was very reluctant as it was so cold. I decided to deviate from the B210k plan again - I find that my mind plays a very important part in my ability to run - or not! Going back to shorter intervals is very appealing as you know you are going to get a break before too long - but I know that I then start to doubt my ability to keep going for longer so I start to tell myself I can only run 10 minutes at a time, or 15 or whatever. So today I decided to listen to Laura again on week 9 and do at least 30 minutes non-stop.

I had forwarded the podcast so that I didn't have to do the 5 minute warm up walk (naughty, I know, but Mr Locket never walks and I knew he would get cold quickly) but when I started Endomondo and the podcast it had gone back to the beginning so I decided to run through the 5 minute warm up walk and then go straight through the run so I would be doing 35 minutes - with Laura's encouragements always 5 minutes behind! I carried on running through the warm down walk and then paused after 41 minutes - which is possibly the longest continuous run I've done, 3.60 miles. We'd got home by this point but I wanted to get to 4 miles so we set off again and ran just under a mile, covering 4.56 miles in 52.36 minutes.

Sorry this is such a long account - I couldn't fit it all in my running diary but I wanted to keep a record!!! ;o)

What I'm trying to say - in short this time(!) - is that I'm going to sort-of follow the B210k plan but with my own variations as follows:

* I'm not going to do it in 6 weeks - probably quite a bit longer

* I'm not going to do all 3 B210k runs a week as it doesn't fit in with the other running I do(running with friends, going to running club etc)

* I'm going to aim to do at least one "long" continuous run a week - at least 30 minutes without stopping, longer if I can manage - just so I don't forget how to run continuously!!

* I will get to 10k eventually!

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