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Back on the Trail Returning After Injured Knee Stopped Play - W2R1

Hello! I'm back after an enforced break while my knee recovered. I injured my knee after W1R3 - I'm not sure how it happened, but an MRI scan revealed a torn meniscal cartilage. My lovely knee surgeon has given me the all clear to return, with the threat of surgery if it doesn't behave and the pain returns.

Christmas was difficult as I had plenty of running gear as presents and I couldn't do anything with them other than look at them, but they've all had their outings into the crisp sunshine now.

After my good news from the Surgeon I decided to repeat W1 as it had been a long time and I found it much easier than expected, so today I bravely downloaded W2 and set off in my new hat and gloves. It was bloody cold!

My knee has been trouble free so far (touch wood) and I have made the jump to running in daylight, it's so much easier. (I just keep my head down when I meet walkers and cyclists, I don't want to blind them with my bright red face!)

Still loving it, and still looking forward to my next run. Week 2 is harder, and I really welcomed the 2 minute rests inbetween the runs. It was nice to have different music too!

Next run scheduled for Tuesday as long as snow doesn't stop play!

So happy to be back!

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Welcome back! Wow! It's great that your bad injury hasn't put you off so well done for getting back out there! :) I can well believe how frustrating it must have been to look at your lovely running pressies and have to wait to use them....but that day has finally come :D

Best of luck for your next run and look after that knee.

Sue x


Good luck with the next run. You've been very patient.


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