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Really pleased to have made it this far. It does seem to be a little easier although one of my 60 secs run coincided with a hill. I only made it cos 2ppl were walking down the other way so didn't want to look pathetic....... Lol ...... Was a light headed when I got to the top and cud hardly breathe but made it !

Went to DW fitness shop for running shoes. They were very helpful. Went on the running track where they video ur run and then suggest the type of trainer to get. The area was empty but when I got on to run suddenly the area became crowded with shoppers! Anyway you only have to run for between 5 and 10 seconds so didn't feel too embarrassed ...... Lol He talked me thro my run and showed me that I had a slight tendency to roll my ankle so suggested I needed a support trainer rather than just a cushioned one. Bought a pair which are really comfy and can't wait to start week 2....and now snow expected!! Noooooooooo

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Well done with the hill! I know that feeling of not wanting to look pathetic! I was passed by a faster runner this morning (not difficult to be faster than me!) and initially was a bit put out, but then I decided to take the attitude that she probably felt good to overtake someone, so I'd made someone else's day! And then later on, a man walking his dog cheered me on, which was rather nice.


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