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Back on track

Completed this programme back in Sept - but have never been on blog since!!! Have 4 kids and returned back to work full time so time on the computer is slight. Loved this whole prog and completed my first "official 5k" at the spooktecular in 28mins so I was so chuffed and had Laura in my ear all the way!!!

Never got to run from the start of Nov so went back to wk5 this week and have completed it successfuly. Hoping to do a 10k in June so would love if the NHS would do pod like Laura's again please please - just read these blogs and you'll see what a job Laura has done encouraging us couch potatoes to become official runners!!!!

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Blimey - well done for doing 5k in 28 mins! Unfortunately, there are no plans (as I understand it) for nhs to do a Laura B210K podcast. But there is a programme that can be downloaded with someone called Samantha.

It's great that you're back here and back on the programme.

V xx


You need to send that message to admin (click on the Messages tab to find the link). Not sure anyone official reads all of these (there are a lot!).

Or maybe we all need to contact our MPs or the department of health or something?


Well done on getting back on track and well done on completing a 5k in such a good time! :)

Unfortunately there are no plans for a Laura version of B210K, see link below.


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