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Feeling Good

despite misgivings about feeling tired and the weather being cold and windy I had promised some fellow runners that I would do today's Park run so off I went. It was very cold and windy in the park by the seafront, but I was there so when the run started off I went. Last week in near perfect conditions I managed a BP by some 46 seconds but the weather was so awful today I thought I would just be glad to finish. How ever something strange happened. Once I started running I found my stride and just kept running, even when the wind was gusting in my face it felt good . I managed to stay fairly close to a runner that is normally 2 minutes quicker than me, for the first time I felt like a real runner. Finally my legs, brain and breathing all seemed to be working together :-) When the results came in I was actually disappointed that I failed to get another PB but I only failed by 6 seconds so considering the conditions I am really pleased. At last I actually believe I may one day manage a 30 minute 5k and I am a runner :-D

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Oh, fantastic - well done! That sounds like a fantastic run - sod the time!

You are definitely a runner!

V xx


Horrible conditions today - that was a great run!


Well done Rolphie, I can't imagine trying for a time as at the moment all I can do is plod along, which I'm happy enough to do, being honest.

Your comment at the end about accepting you're a runner is telling. I consider myself to be one now but know damn well I'll grade it differently as I progress. It's interesting that you're still doing it.


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