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Wk5 run 1 done in the blooming cold, fantastic!

Afternoon all

Well wk5 run1 done this morning, put hand out of the bedroom window checking temp and definitely de used the running tights were required, with she'll too gloves and beany hat.

Got out there and after first 5 mins Warmup was ready and to my surprise i thoroughly enjoyed the first 5 min run, saw a mate of mine laughing from his van as he drove past, but i thought hey, I'm out there and loving it. Next two runs went ok as well. Beginning to get my running mojo back, hard work but were getting there. :-)

Thankyou everyone also for there blogs, lots of inspiration and support out there.

Happy running


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Omg sorry, bad spell check. Was meant to be blooming, and now won't let me change or delete, really sorry


As far as I can see it is 'blooming', James, but there's something a wee bit odd about that first sentence... :-D

Well done for getting out there anyway! :-)


Ah ha now i understand, (just replied to your other comment), i have a shopping list for when i get off the treadmill and outside, i think 25 denier's will be in there somewhere.....the rest as they say is history. All the best.



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