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10k Training - Day 2 Update & the Weight is finally coming off

Today was my second day of my 10k training a 3.5 mile easy pace (my easy pace is supposed to be 4.5 mph - see Phil 72 post for more info). Not frosty but 3 degrees but did brave it outside and so glad I did, so enjoyed it but found keeping down to 4.5 mph extremely hard and I think I did actually run a little faster at 5 mph but it was a comfortable pace which is what it is supposed to be. I think its much easier running outside rather than on my treadmill but I know there are different opinion on that.

So now to my weight, I'm 5 ft and when I got married 20 years ago I weighed 7 st, a happy married life and two children later I sneaked up to just under 8st 7lb. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and put on medication - among other side effects was weight gain (great all a middle aged woman needs) so over the last two years I have sneaked up to 9 st and finally after a lovely holiday in Lake Como in the summer another 5lb was added so 9st 5lb. I started running in May in the hope to get fit and to lose some weight but like a many of you nothing has really shifted.

Points to make here are:-

I didn't put on any weight over Christmas

Ran more miles in December than any other month since starting in May

Decided I would go alcohol free in January but then decided that was a pointless exercise and moderation was what I needed - so now I have one glass of wine rather than the whole bottle

Haven't gone on a diet but have got a smaller plate and am thinking before I eat

Popped on the scales this morning and was gobsmacked when it read 8st 12lb. I know I am never going to be 7st again but it would be nice to get back to a size 10.

So all those of you who don't feel that running is doing much for your weight loss keep going.

Just off to nibble on a carrot stick.

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Well done on not putting any weight on over Christmas & starting to see a loss. I had a similar experience when I started running last August. No real weight loss until recently but I found that my shape (particularly my 'post 2 kids waist' & legs changed dramatically). I did however put 5lbs on over Christmas but that's creeping back down now I've started b210k

Keep up the great work :0)


Glad you had a good run and congratulations on losing half a stone. How small is the plate, are you sure it isn't a saucer :-)


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