Wk1 R3 and no blister this time!

My husband (Magnum) and I did R3 this evening. The best bit about it was no blister tonight. Realy felt my muscles tonight and grunted like a champion wrestler when I was stretching - I really struggled to get up again off the floor, which amused the husband. But I feel really good now, my muscles feel like they have been worked but I am really happy to have completed R3.

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  • Hi matil, thats excellent it shows your body is toughening up.

    Well done and keep going, Ed x

  • Well done matil. Keep going, you've made a good start.

  • Welcome to week 2!!! :-) Muscle rub and ice will become your best friends!!! ;-) Gayle

  • Just in case you don't like the sound of ice (though in the UK it sounds as though ice is coming whether we like it or not) - I've got to week 5 and haven't needed ice yet! (touch wood). Wouldn't object to a muscle rub though!

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